May 2, 2021

The Hair Fund-Razor Zoom Event

Hair Fund-Razor Zoom Event May 8th at 1PM

The time is almost here. We thank you for supporting us in this journey.

We now invite you to come join us on Zoom to see the live cutting of Kevin's hair.

The event will be happening on Saturday, May 8th at 1PM. You do not want to miss out.


If you would like to participate in the online event, you must sign up.

To do so please fill out the form and you will receive the Zoom link by email.


If you would like to make a donation please visit to make an online donation.

How much have we raised ?

We have raised over $9,500 thanks to your support! To add to this exciting announcement, we are also revealing to you our mystery who will have a buzz cut. It is Angelika! Angelika is a member of the youth ministry team, catechist, and lector! The Hair Fund-Razor is not over!! We invite you to donate if you have not done so yet, and to spread the news to your family & friends. Let us try to reach $12 000, and give Angelika a buzz cut as well!