March 18, 2021

The Hair Fund-Razor

Kevin Reda is the Youth Ministry Coordinator at Holy Name of Jesus Parish in Laval. For the past few months Kevin has been growing out a healthy head of hair. It has got to the point where, when stretched out, his hair reaches to just above his shoulders. After months and months of growing it out and getting mixed reactions from his loved ones, an idea grew into our minds to have a fundraiser to cut his hair. Kevin agreed, but he had little faith we would even reach our goal. He said that if we reach $5000 he would happily get a buzz cut. If we reach $8000, he pledged to go the extra mile and go completely bald. Otherwise, he would keep his luscious locks. We cannot let this happen. We must prove Kevin wrong and reach our goal. The money raised will be donated to Agape and Holy Name of Jesus Parish, two places chosen by Kevin. Let’s work together and get his haircut once and for all!

How the fundraiser will work:

As we reach each milestone, the following hair-tastic courses of action will take place

$5000- Kevin will get a buzz cut.
$6000- Steve will dye his hair purple.
$8000- Kevin will go completely bald.
$12000- A mystery youth will get a bald cut.
After reaching our minimum goal of $5000 we will be hosting a zoom event where if you have donated at least 20$, you will be invited to watch the youth getting their hair modified and cut live.

Donate now:

Visit our GoFundme page:

Or donate by dropping off your donation to the parish office.
  • Please include your full name
  • if you are an envelope user
  • Label the envelope with the title "The Hair Fund-Razor"